Missed a Feel Good Hour? No problem!

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The Feel Good Hour on Chicago’s WCRX 88.1FM

Manchester’s very own Feel Good Hour on Shock Radio is in CHICAGO!
Join Beth Hemmings on Chicago’s WCRX for some amazing feel good tunes to make your day that little bit brighter and find out what Chicago would have to say to their President if he were stood in front of them- on this week’s Chicago Says segment!


The FIRST EVER Feel Good Hour on Chicago’s WCRX 88.1FM

Manchester’s very own Feel Good Hour on Shock Radio is in CHICAGO!
Join Beth Hemmings on Chicago’s WCRX 88.1FM for some amazing feel good tunes to make your day a little brighter! Also find out what American’s think the British stereotype is on this week’s Chicago Says segment


Paul Henshaw & The Scientific Simpleton’s new album Fishing For Owls

Salopian singer-songwriter Paul Henshaw and his band of Scientific Simpletons have just dropped a new album and it is selling like hot potatoes. Fishing For Owls is the newest blueprint on their map to world domination, and the fifth album released by the five-piece fol18033461_1285926488122814_499752156205652548_nk group.

In the latest album Fishing For Owls, there are a lot of typical Henshaw flares – the glorious harmonies and the pungent story-telling lyrics that offer a window into Henshaw’s soul are present and correct. But there are also some new nuances worth discussing.

The album’s opening track Middle Finger, Thank You really sets the tone for the rest of the album. It is a demonstration of how Henshaw’s residing love for rock music will never sink and really sticks a middle finger up to those who have ever doubted him and his talents. Not only is the track enthralling, it also beacons how Henshaw & co couldn’t have possibly chosen a better way to start their new album than with the thrashing undertones of a young Kurt Cobain.

A nuance that is apparent in this album as opposed to preceding albums You! Just Lost the Game and I Refuse To Sink is how diversified the tracks are in style. Like the previously discussed Middle Finger, Thank You, one of the album’s other highlights – Hometown King – has that captivating “I don’t give a crap!” rock-star essence, but still remains true to the narrative folk-style genre. Then we have tracks like Stones that is so grounded in Henshaw’s folky roots, it makes you want to dance around a maypole. The musicality in track is notably sublime and is executed with such a compelling passion – a feeling of which is typical of Paul and his Scientific Simpletons.


Although Paul & his band aren’t as acclaimed as other auto-tuned clones you see in the charts these days, there is an engaging energy and genuine sentiment delivered at any live performance and it is strongly embedded in every album. Fishing For Owls is another glorious entry in the group’s discography, and further demonstrates the unbeatable talents of Paul Henshaw and the Scientific Simpletons.

LSP and their brand new album Waves

For new talent, breaking through the mould of the music biz is now harder than ever. With declarations from many acclaimed stars that British guitar music is lost in the abyss of an insipid wave, it seems that for Lancashire’s emerging band LSP, things may be a little belligerent to begin with.

LSP are a progressive emo/post-hardcore band with some shoegaze and experimental influences, and have just released their first full length album titled Waves. Waves features eight diverse tracks that are all extremely appealing to the ear, boasting gorgeous melodies and thrashing choruses alike.18268227_969811793156197_2001165280084335591_n

The musicality in the album leading track Nori is simply divine – but it is also evident in the vocal deliverance that perhaps the band is trying a little too hard to conform to the whiney stereotypes of the emo genre. This begs the question; is there room in the ever-progressing world of music for another emo/post-hardcore band, and if so, what must they do to make themselves known? How can they bring fresh life into this decaying genre? Continue reading “LSP and their brand new album Waves”

Rachael Sage- back on the road again!

The human race knows no bounds when it comes to diversified musical talents. Some are thrusted through the popular music scene and spat right out again, only to be left with a handful of successful renditions. Others dedicate their lives to gain that moment in the spotlight and become ornate for the latter part of their existence. Then some are found more on the lower scale, creating magic from the sidelines and causing ripples from writing adorned, therapizing melodies.

Rachael Sage may not be a name well-known to your household but after today, that will change – and your world will contain a little more sparkle for it. Rachael has had a fascinating career thus far, spanning over a dozen albums, multiple Independent Music Award victories and her own record label (MPress Records). Her songs are gleeful and heartfelt, each laced with a sentiment that allows you to see right into her whimsical soul. The instrumentation of every song is steeping with beauty and is eviderachael-sagence of her scrupulous composition-ship which is renowned across her illustrious body of work.

Having recently released her 12th album Choreographic, an album heavily influenced by her ardor and lifelong dedication to ballet, Sage’s career is now peaking higher than a relevé. Having just finished touring with fellow American singer-songwriter Beth Hart, Rachael has sprung back on the road to support Howard Jones on his US and UK tours. Continue reading “Rachael Sage- back on the road again!”