Rachael Sage- back on the road again!

The human race knows no bounds when it comes to diversified musical talents. Some are thrusted through the popular music scene and spat right out again, only to be left with a handful of successful renditions. Others dedicate their lives to gain that moment in the spotlight and become ornate for the latter part of their existence. Then some are found more on the lower scale, creating magic from the sidelines and causing ripples from writing adorned, therapizing melodies.

Rachael Sage may not be a name well-known to your household but after today, that will change – and your world will contain a little more sparkle for it. Rachael has had a fascinating career thus far, spanning over a dozen albums, multiple Independent Music Award victories and her own record label (MPress Records). Her songs are gleeful and heartfelt, each laced with a sentiment that allows you to see right into her whimsical soul. The instrumentation of every song is steeping with beauty and is eviderachael-sagence of her scrupulous composition-ship which is renowned across her illustrious body of work.

Having recently released her 12th album Choreographic, an album heavily influenced by her ardor and lifelong dedication to ballet, Sage’s career is now peaking higher than a relevé. Having just finished touring with fellow American singer-songwriter Beth Hart, Rachael has sprung back on the road to support Howard Jones on his US and UK tours.

Throughout her life, Sage has had an eclectic array of inspirations that have had a seminal influence on her work but Howard Jones in particular has been a beacon. Sage comments: “I relate so completely to Howard’s songwriting and musicianship, and to get to hear him tell intimate stories night after night about the songs I grew up inspired by is an incredible treat” and exclaims that this is “definitely my favorite tour I’ve ever been on!”

One of the dates supporting Jones was at The Lowry in Media City, Salford. Sage occupied the stage with her current duo violinist Kelly Halloran, with an aura of rapport and connectivity with everything – and indeed everyone – in the theatre. ”I just want to take whoever is in the room on some kind of journey, musically…to transport and hopefully inspire!”. And that she most certainly drsage_photo_gal__photo_1873534903id. Her set was compiled with classics from albums Blue Roses, Chandelier and new album Choreographic all of which demonstrated Sage’s multi-instrumentalist skills and her spellbinding deliverance of her narrative ballads. Every song was performed with a sentiment that unveiled Sage’s sense of pride over her music and it was evident that the storyteller behind the microphone was looking to take us on a sentimental journey with her soothing breathy vocals as an aid. Her heartening pop-inspired tune Happiness from 2015 album Blue Roses was especially eloquent, seemingly causing a ripple of befitting happiness throughout the venue.

The combination of Kelly Halloran’s harmonious strings, Sage’s therapizing yet somewhat plaintive breathy vocals and the exquisite piano were an enchanting concoction. With every single note and bar, Sage transformed a somewhat static vibe of the audience into a room filled with gleaming smiles and melted hearts. Her overall performance, charm and energy on stage is one that should be aspired to by any eager performer and should be written in a musical performance guidebook, perhaps under the title: ‘How to concur a stage with class’.

Having recently toured with Beth Hart and Howard Jones – some of Rachael’s whopping 100 tour dates a year – as well as managing her own record label and balancing a semi-normal life, Sage has somehow found the 22069-RachaelSageChoreographic0851_tweak1_croptime to work on a new album. She has already written half of it between tours and will resume work on it this summer. Sage says: ”I’m also looking forward to releasing some new music by other artists on my label (MPress Records) including Dom Kelly and Seth Glier”.

Rachael Sage’s musical prowess is one to be commended. Not only are her songs lyrical with a delicate mist of candid realism, but her overall composition and stage presence is esteemed. She possesses a genuine passion and commanding quality that seems to be lacking in our modern popular music scene and in terms of her performance supporting Howard Jones – she came, she danced and she conquered the stage.

Upon release, Rachael’s new album will be available on her website: http://www.rachaelsage.com/.


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