Paul Henshaw & The Scientific Simpleton’s new album Fishing For Owls

Salopian singer-songwriter Paul Henshaw and his band of Scientific Simpletons have just dropped a new album and it is selling like hot potatoes. Fishing For Owls is the newest blueprint on their map to world domination, and the fifth album released by the five-piece fol18033461_1285926488122814_499752156205652548_nk group.

In the latest album Fishing For Owls, there are a lot of typical Henshaw flares – the glorious harmonies and the pungent story-telling lyrics that offer a window into Henshaw’s soul are present and correct. But there are also some new nuances worth discussing.

The album’s opening track Middle Finger, Thank You really sets the tone for the rest of the album. It is a demonstration of how Henshaw’s residing love for rock music will never sink and really sticks a middle finger up to those who have ever doubted him and his talents. Not only is the track enthralling, it also beacons how Henshaw & co couldn’t have possibly chosen a better way to start their new album than with the thrashing undertones of a young Kurt Cobain.

A nuance that is apparent in this album as opposed to preceding albums You! Just Lost the Game and I Refuse To Sink is how diversified the tracks are in style. Like the previously discussed Middle Finger, Thank You, one of the album’s other highlights – Hometown King – has that captivating “I don’t give a crap!” rock-star essence, but still remains true to the narrative folk-style genre. Then we have tracks like Stones that is so grounded in Henshaw’s folky roots, it makes you want to dance around a maypole. The musicality in track is notably sublime and is executed with such a compelling passion – a feeling of which is typical of Paul and his Scientific Simpletons.


Although Paul & his band aren’t as acclaimed as other auto-tuned clones you see in the charts these days, there is an engaging energy and genuine sentiment delivered at any live performance and it is strongly embedded in every album. Fishing For Owls is another glorious entry in the group’s discography, and further demonstrates the unbeatable talents of Paul Henshaw and the Scientific Simpletons.


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